A cloud based solution enabling retailers to offer customers in-store financing options

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Mittkop - Swedish fintech startup - enables retailers to offer their customers in-store financing options. This helps retailers to make larger sales, make sales more often and increase customer loyalty.

Mittkop seeks to build a customer financing solution that is easy to implement, doesn’t require a lot of training, and doesn’t require small businesses to spend money on new technology.

Business Challenges

Customer financing is designed to convert a browser into a buyer. It is targeted at potential customer who are on the fence about buying goods or services because they are deterred by the upfront payment.

It is also targeted at business owners as it helps them to boost their sales, improve customer loyalty and build a repeat clientele.

Therefore, the main product considerations were as follows:

  • The financing service will require no additional technology from retailer, as well as little personnel training. Easy application process should take a few minutes and can be done by retailers right in the store.
  • Application process should be secured for buyer and require minimum personal information. Customer should receive their application decision in a matter of minutes.
  • The financing service should help buyer not only to be easily approved for in-store financing,but also to manage monthly payments effectively by offering convenient payment schedule, generating payment invoices and updating customer with monthly payments info.

Product UI

Wizard Add Content Page

Wizard Template Page

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Approach and Technical Info

Platform: Web

Services: App design, App coding (Backend development, UI development)

Project technology stack: MEAN (MongoDB, NodeJS, ExpressJS, AngularJS), JavaScript, TyprScript, Semantic UI

API interaction: Credit scoring API [Name?], Bank ID API [Name?], Accounting API (FortNox), Twilio ( sms sending automation)

In: SaaS, Fintech, Startups, MEAN