Full stack javascript developer

NodeJS + Frontend + MongoDB developer

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We are looking for new person to join our team.

You would develop web applications with Javascript (actually, we use Typescript, so you should know it or have a will to learn it).

You should understand what is asynchronous, how HTTP works, what is API and how to create and use it. You should know how to use and develop a database, either relational or document: MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreeSQL or other.

It would be cool if you know software architecture principles and have experience of designing and developing software from the scratch.

You should know Javascript, HTML and modern CSS. Also great plus if you know one of the modern web frameworks: Angular 1/2/4, React, Vue.

We love React and Redux, so most projects uses this technologies. We use Typescript, so you should know it or would like to learn it.

You should be able to do a markup with modern HTML and CSS. Most of our projects are made for modern browsers so you don't need to know how to make equal height columns with floats (but it is cool if you do :) ).

It is ok if you doesn't know something, we will teach you.

Our advantages:

  • We are growing company and you could grow with us and have real career advancing.
  • We are looking for person which become a core of our team, not for one project.
  • Usually our projects are short and uses the edge technologies, so you would learn up-to-date things.
  • We helping with learning, our team is super-experienced.
  • You would work on new things oftenly, no boring years on one project.
  • We all are developers (almost all) and we trying to get only interesting and technically cool projects. No legacy support and bug fixing on somebody's code.
  • We all working together and are side-by-side, so no bureaucracy and formal procedures.

Contact info

We are located in Kharkiv, Ukraine near Naukova subway station.

Contact us via email contact@rd-dev.net or via contact form.