Digital Cattle Marketplace

A ‘21 Century’ approach to cattle trading

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Our client seeks to build an online cattle trading platform, to evolve and digitize the North American cattle industry traditional trade mechanisms, where over 100 million population head of beef cattle continue to be sold through physical auction or directly from seller to buyer.

Business challenges

This enormous industry encountered the number of challenges:

  • The high cost of physical auctions, both in terms of auction and transport fees
  • The increased risk of disease and undue stress on animals caused by transporting them to a sale
  • Counterparty risk and payment assurance has afflicted the industry since inception


  • The platform had to be secure and include an online registration process, together with the full portability expected by producers not tied to an office
  • The terms under which a counterparty can negotiate can change from transaction to transaction, and the listings had to be easy to navigate
  • The platform should be accessible 24 hours a day and on a variety of devices including smart phones. There is also a rating system had to be implemented for both buyers and sellers

Value delivered

The North American cattle industry now has a secure platform which enables users to search for cattle with certain attributes,post listings to buy or sell cattle, negotiate on price, arrange delivery details and settle disputes around cattle that do not meet contract terms.

Transactions created in the platform are held in a system powered by NGX until the cattle has been delivered and inspected by the buyer.

Key features:

  • Single site to cater for Wanted and For Sale listings
  • Fully audited negotiation mechanism with offer and counteroffer rounds
  • Negotiation across multiple attributes, not just price
  • Managed dispute resolution mechanism
  • Delivery arrangements managed programmatically
  • Seller and buyer ratings
  • Live chat
  • Integration with clearing and settlement operations of NGX

Approach and Technical Info

RD Dev was totally excited about being a part of the team which provide U.S. and Canadian cattle buyers and sellers with an efficient, cost-effective transaction and payment service solution. The platform is accessible 24 hours a day and on a variety of devices including smart phones. There is also a rating system for both buyers and sellers.

Platform: Web

Services: App coding (Backend development, UI development), QA

Project technology stack: Microsoft.NET, ASP.NET MVC, RabbitMQ, CouchDB, KnockoutJS, Bootstrap

In: e-Commerce, Startups, Microsoft.NET, Business Technology