Blocks of Time

Time blocking app. A greater time structure to make the most of each day

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Time blocking is a recognized effective strategy for using time wisely and achieving greater productivity. Blocking out time for specific activities allows people to focus on one task at a time, limiting distractions and procrastination.

Putting reminders about everything you are not working on into a trusted system, external to your mind, reduce the stress and increase efficiency.

Learning to time block is a useful skill for students, the self-employed, parents and all others who need greater structure to make the most of each day.

Value delivered

Block of time application allows users to easily plan their time, schedule regular breaks in between activities, set up their goals and obtain statistics for analysis.

It also help users to meet the vital “Sitting vs Standing” balance during the day by setting up the desired standing time percentage of each block.

Featuring a visual timeline, smart reminders and beautiful reports, Blocks of time makes scheduling with time blocking actually enjoyable. It includes an intuitive timeline that helps you see what you’ve worked on and the time gaps you missed.

Key features

  • Schedule the day with simple drag and drop block
  • Setup % of ‘standing time’ preferred in each block
  • Allow to add regular breaks in between activities
  • Save locks for future use
  • Set up goals and get statistic for analysis
  • Exports reports to PDF or CSV

Product UI

Blocks of time Quick Setup

Quick Setup Page View

Blocks of time Quick Setup

Timeline Page View

Approach and Technical Info

Platform: Windows, Linux, MacOS

Services: App design, App coding, Database development

Project technology stack: Electron, ReactJS, Typescript, Javascript, SVG, SQLite