Professional automatic cocktail making machine. No drinks measure, just press the button!

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Cocktailizer - professional automatic cocktail making machine for Bars, Restaurants, Hotels and even Theatres. With its millimetre precise mechanism, all cocktails taste the same whether it makes one or hundreds.

This unique cocktail making machine prepares 5 cocktails per minute instead of 1 in 5 minutes, and could be easily operated by anyone without special training.

Value delivered

RD Dev was hired by Cocktailizer to build both desktop bartender workstation, which control cocktail making machine, and mobile web application for bar customers for easy and quick placing orders.

Cocktailizer is suitable for every kind of drink alcoholic beverages to juices and syrups. Extensive database provide customers with all the cocktails available to make with the ingredients connected to the machine.

For Bar specials, happy hour cocktail or chef's choice, there is an option to create an own assortment. All own creations, if needed, can be added to the Cocktailizer database.

Key features:

  • Bartender desktop app, which control cocktail making machine
  • Customer Web app - ordering cocktails just from table
  • Different pump configuration options
  • Various sale reports and statistics
  • Extended cocktails database, custom recipies available

Product UI

For customers, who are not sure what they would like to drink, Coctailizer provides various possible selections using funny “‘I can’t choose” option:

"I can’t choose" page

Bartender Sales Statistic Page

Approach and technical info

Platform: Web

Services: App design, App coding (Backend development, UI development), Database development , Microcontroller interaction and control

Project technology stack: Microsoft.Net, WPF, WCF, ASP.NET MVC, AngularJS, Typescript, JavaScript, Canvas, SQLite

In: Microsoft.Net, Business Technology, Startups