Education Management Software

White-label solution for educational process complex administration

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The product is a browser-based software application that streamlines and simplifies education management, integrating administrative, teaching and learning into one user-friendly, custom-designed database that meets the need of all educational establishments.

This is our long-term contract for years of development. Our in-house experts are proud to be the part of client’s team working together on outstanding and innovative product for the education domain.

Value delivered

We created a micro service, API (REST and GraphQL) and UI (react and evaporate.js) for storing various client files.

Files could be stored in AWS S3 or on server file system.

Features: Renewable uploading/downloading files from/to S3 or server file system

  • Quotes for file size or total uploaded size by categories
  • Quotes by time (monthly quotes, weekly, yearly etc.)
  • Storage usage statistics
  • Signed URL’s with expiration to prevent unauthorized files downloading
  • Versioning files: it is possible to upload new version and keep previous version available

Approach and Technical Info

Platform: Web

Services: Custom Web development (frontend + backend), QA

Project technology stack: Node JS, ES 8, Oracle DB, GraphQL, ReactJS, Redux + Thunk, Apollo GraphQL client, AWS, Docker

In: Enterprise, SPA, Business Technology