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Online project management tool for film & video teams

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RD Dev was hired to build SaaS solution which helps producers and creative teams to meet the ever-increasing demands of photo and video production cycle, organise pre-production planning, improve production communication and collaborate effortlessly with crew, investors and other stakeholders no matter their location.

Business challenges

In order to help producers to collaborate effectively with teammates, investors and other stakeholders globally we should build web application which embrace all the main production stages:

Production Project Essentials

  • Simple, all-encompassing work space to visually track project and individual work.
  • Gamification introduced through project status to team’s work.
  • Easy script, shoot list and call sheet workflow.
  • Tasks and milestones allocated for crew and toggled to calendar schedule view.

Pre-production Planning

  • Casting and crew management modules to leverage across production portfolio.
  • Props/costume module for team to source, manage, and confirm.
  • Locations and sets that carry over to call sheets and shoot lists.
  • Team, clients and stakeholders modules to manage key people while getting project funded.

Production management

  • List of scenes or shots for intended production principle photography.
  • Auto configured call sheet with cast, crew and location management information.
  • Digitally delivered call sheet with confirmation of who has and has not seen it.
  • Internal and external messaging to allow team members to contribute to the production plan.

Value delivered

  • Project workspace and project team dashboard turned into into a mood board with annotations and notes.
  • Production calendar scheduled to project tasks and milestones.
  • Casting, crew & props modules with possibility to upload and store logically relevant files and information.
  • Extended call sheet with any number of customized information needed for the day.
  • Script descriptions possible to breakdown into scenes and shots then lavage to make detailed call sheets further down in the production workflow.
  • Production cast, crew, locations etc. could be linked easily right from the script.

Approach and Technical Info

Platform: Web

Services: App design, App coding, Database development

Project technology stack: ASP.NET MCV, MS SQL Server, Javascript, ReactJS