SaaS ERP System

Web based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution

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Our client - the Northern Europe’s leading provider of business software for the enterprises of different levels - startups, small and medium businesses, large corporations or public sector companies.

Those software solutions make businesses one step ahead by integrating and automating administrative and business processes.

Value Delivered

Designed for large enterprises, this full-scale web Enterprise Resource Planning (EPR) system comes with accounting, logistics, invoicing, reporting - all fully integrated.

RD Dev collaborated with client for development:

  • Payroll and HRM software
  • Purchasing management system
  • Hours and Expenses Reporting software
  • Supply management system

Product UI

Approve Reports Page

Time Report Page

Approach and Technical Info

Platform: Web

Services: App design, App coding (Backend development, UI development), API, QA

Project technology stack: .NET, ASP.NET MVC, MS SQL Server

In: SaaS, Enterprise, Microsoft.NET, Business Technology