Corporate Portal Page Builder

Custom Page Builder for enterprise employees to easily create corporate portal pages

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Our client, major corporation from Finland, seeks to develop custom page builder, to enable company employees easily create their own corporate pages using corporate portal data.

Value delivered

  • All at once

Company employees are now able to quickly and easily create their custom corporate pages. They just need to select «Components» - libraries, lists, webparts, configure them and add to page, all at once.

  • Preconfigured components

To save time and unify the corporate portal usage, there are preconfigured blocks of most popular «Components» provided: libraries with predefined content types, metadata and views; content editor webparts with predefined texts and images and much more!

  • Predefined page templates

For standard page creation employees can simply use predefined page templates (e.g. "Project", "Team", "Location"), picking from them only the components they need.

  • Save your own

For whose who created an especially cool list or a nice content editor table, there is an option to save their own packages of content and use them anytime for any other page. Now those 10 libraries can be easily added to any employees’ portal page!

Product UI

Add Content Page

Add content page view with Selected content

Template Page

Template pages view with preconfigured components

Content Page

View content page view

List Details Pages

List details page view

Approach and Technical Info

Platform: Web

Services: App coding, API development, QA, project management

Project technology stack: TypeScipt, JavaScript, SharePoint, KendoUI, ASP.NET MVC, AngularJS

In: Enterprise, Business Technology, SharePoint